We are super excite to be invited to decorate with The River of Lights this year.


Listen to the Lights NM, will be hosting a Las Maravillas Holiday Light Challenge.  There will be many prizes. So decorate your home in the Las Maravillas neighborhood and spread the cheer!

The History from Present to the Beginning

What started it all?

What started as putting lights and inflatable’s on our house for Christmas turned into something much more, a way of sharing with the community and bringing joy to others during the holiday season. Growing up watching the Bugg lights in Albuquerque, NM, may be the reason I started building christmas displays. When asked to help sequence a portion of the Bugg lights at the Belen Harvey House, I could not refuse.  We felt honored to be asked.

It started when I saw the videos over the internet back in 2005, the one where Carson Williams had his lights on his house choreographed to Trans-Siberian Orchestras Wizards of Winter. Well after I saw it, I knew I had to do that kind of show. Well I did some research and my initial findings showed that equipment to do a similar show like Mr. Williams, was way out of my budget. So back to the internet I went and I came across a Do It Yourself (DIY) website called www.diylightanimation.com (DLA).  The group is combined of people from around the US and abroad.  We build our controllers starting with a circuit board and building all lighting, even do the wrapping of lights for the famous Leaping Arches and the rest is history.


Well our show has really grown.  This will be the first year to add a new form of lights and a few new songs.  We may even have an 80'S and 90'S hour during the show.  We will now have over 60 thousand lights and 8 thousands channels controlling them.  We changed the format a little this year with some voice over help from the Demented Elf. Our show will now sound like a radio station. I hope you enjoy the changes and the elves are always looking for new ideas and suggestions.

We have also had many friends and family join in the joy of Christmas and our Relay for Life team.  Thank you all for the support. We now have friends helping with soldering and building animation for the show.

Our new co-captains for the ListentothelightsNM Relay for Life team are Ina and Jennifer. We could not have a great team without Ina and Jennifer. Thank you in advance ladies.                                            

2011 – 2012

Well after hundreds of hours of work, over the last two years my family and friends have built ten 16 channel Lynx Expresses, one Lynx Freestyle with 14 SSR4's. In 2011and 2012, we had over 45000 lights and 216 channels. The show will support a special wifi to include some of the neighbor houses blinking and flashing to the same music. We use a low power transmitter to present the music to your car stereo. This is why we call it Listen to the Lights NM.  You can stay in the warm confines of your car and hear the music to the show in stereo. Well the response to our first year was exciting. We had many visitors and warm smiling face every evening. We love to see the joy the show brings to our little Valencia County community. One of the greatest part of doing this show is the wonderful comments we get from people. I did not even know how much joy our little light show had brought to so many until they started asking when the show would be running this year. What does the future hold? Well I don’t know but as long as we can have children of all ages smiling with Christmas spirit and bring a little extra joy to the community with the show, we will keep lighting the lights during the holiday season.

The Beginning 2010

Our first year, we had 86 channels to control 9500 lights in the show. We had 6 songs and 1 Voice Over.  Of course that was just the beginning. We had to build controllers from scratch and learn to program them and make the lights dance to music.



The Lederer Family and Valencia Friends and Family Christmas Light Show.









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